GOAL: Review the draft 3.0 documents and provide feedback to build a more complete document.

  • What type of role does the McPherson community have in our growth? Buy in, support, political, economic, get the community to be proud of where they come from and endorse us, generational. (i.e. When you grow the college you grow the community)
  • The Future of Liberal Arts? Reembrace, but will look different. Adapt to life. All areas should explore ideas of interdisciplinary studies. Better understanding the interdisciplinary work of AR and how to replicate the model is important.
  • Faculty excited about what they do and it helps the potential students be more interested in what we are doing—important to get faculty excited about their programs
  • Would an honor’s program create value?
  • How to ensure affordability? We lose people looking at sticker price. Marketing around sticker price is important. Who pays and how it gets funded is a puzzle we need to solve.
  • Need to better educate students on what and why we use resources. They do not know that their dollars they pay do not fund half the operation.
  • Where does the staff fit in? What is their role in the strategic plan? Supporting actor. “Us (staff) vs. “them” (faculty) will be an important barrier to address. Let’s spend the time together and respect everyone’s role. All come together. Create ways for our community to get together. Hand off from staff to faculty in Fall with new students could be an opportunity to better connect staff and faculty.