GOAL: Review the draft 3.0 documents and provide feedback to build a more complete document.

  • Campus entrance has been a priority concern since the strategic planning discussion started. A phased plan is in progress and will be shared early this semester.
  • SP very focused on faculty to lift up academic programing as the focus of growth. What about athletics? Athletics along with other staff areas are committed to our academic focus and we will find ways for them to connect. Common community experience. How to include athletics?
  • Assessing big issues around cost is important—what happens if community college is free?
  • The need for the community experience is important—how we define and engage our community is important.
  • Process- strategic process with departments from the growth element, find the passion of your department, knowing you have the permission to try something, multiple processes, approach it through the opportunities in the world around you (i.e. public administration), hiring will be important, program review will find strengths versus poke at the holes or needs, document but don’t take energy from the exciting process
  • How does retention and growth in student numbers fit into this plan?