GOAL: Review the draft 2.0 documents and provide feedback to build a more complete listing of initiatives.

  • In terms of sustainability, 1B endowment is a good area of focus and we need to continue to grow our endowment to thrive.
  • Student engagement-how do we make that more systematic. Students and faculty doing “work” together is a strong idea.
  • What is the expectation of entrepreneurial faculty? Definition needs to be broad and systematic.
  • Use our expertise (i.e. academic areas) to market MC-content marketing should be considered as an approach. How to leverage social media to build our brand.
  • There is a lot of noise in our marketplace with all the other privates and large publics. What makes us different? Liberal arts community by design. How to get students turned on to MC first versus a specific program. The competition is fierce. Create a focused and simple marketing plan. How to connect what we do to what we say/show. Need more stories. Use students to tell our message; tell their personal stories. Tough to do…
  • It is not a job, it is a position. Faculty take their positions seriously.
  • Retention should continue to be our focus as we build programs and work on growing enrollment.
  • What is the status of the entrepreneurship minor? How to make it more attractive and marketable to students? Entrepreneurial mindset.