Goal: Process Strategic Initiatives for the four focal areas

Areas of Discussion Focus: Growth & Facilities


  • Adding a variety of academic programs especially those that will attract women—engineering and health sciences. Working with local McPherson community businesses that offer diverse opportunities.
  • Increase living standards. Future of the community and residential life is important.
  • Retention is the most important part of our growth. Many questions were raised as to why MC struggles with retention. SGA thought the entire student body would be interested in helping us solve this issue.
  • Most students are bored and find there is not anything worthwhile to do on campus or in McPherson. Outside of the occasional SAB event there is a lack of interest/activities. Need to balance the rural setting which is safe and keeps students focused with students’ interest in staying active. Students would be interested in reimagining what this could look like—this is very much related to the residential campus.
  • Want to keep our small identity and community focus while growing.


  • Little things need attention. Students understand we have a good campus facility, but many things are outdated and need a face lift—paint peeling and mold in the residence halls; Harter is the newest dorm with most of the problems; various equipment across campus is “broken” in labs, weight room and library.
  • Need a more attractive campus entrance—current entrance is awkward and uninviting.
  • Better security and lighting in specific areas. New security enhancements will be welcomed—SGA will forward a list of their ideas and concerns to make sure we address as many as possible issues in the capital projects.
  • Residential facilities need upgrades—both quality and movement toward Suite style living.
  • Heating and Cooling is an issue—the new capital projects will be an improvement.

SGA is open to additional meetings throughout the year and will encourage other students to attend listening sessions.