Goal: Process Strategic Initiatives for the four focal areas

  • Expand current programs and consider meeting market needs, such asengineering and local business needs; focus on interdisciplinary programs, such as gaming and animation or expand our focus on the car; Leverage our existing relationship with the Nigerian COB with an African Center.
  • Residential campus and community is important; student’s romanticize the idea of living off campus; need to understand that students not living in dorms will eliminate some economies of scale we currently have.
  • Expand focus of services to include parents and extended families—more online streaming and connections for families and the campus.
  • Campus entry & surrounding roads need attention.
  • Technology: How do we use technology as a critical thinking learning tool allowing students to learn about all the options and skills giving them opportunities to decide whether they would accept or decline the particular tool; Could technology or specifically mobile computing be a “theme” faculty/campus rallies around—understanding/integrating its role in a student’s life; Mobile technology is affecting how we relate in the community; Our “Hailing” distance today is 0 ft.
  • Community by Design: Explore designing a community that has a culture of responsible use of technology (mobile focus); responsible living/learning (residential); engaged co-curricular—take on a particular area each year to redefine our community; Community and how we build or define it will be critical for growth.
  • Designing “appropriate” technology for other countries could be an applicable way to engage the faculty and students – could utilize the MAC Marketplace idea.