Goal: Process Strategic Initiatives for the four focal areas.

  • Interdisciplinary degrees are often under utilized by students and not marketed—can be used as a way for faculty to test new programs without creating something new or investing lots of resources. Could we build a better system around interdisciplinary degrees to make it easier to support students and faculty? Can we do a better job sharing the programs that have been created with current students—possibly during Freshman Seminar? The market moves quicker than our disciplines sometimes—one way to better connect with the market is through interdisciplinary work. Example Music Therapy.
  • Partnership with companies and organizations will be important for growth in academic areas.
  • We need to have a more articulate view of how/where entrepreneurship fits and connect the many good things we are doing in this area. Keep entrepreneurship in front of the campus particularly the faculty—awareness is important related to our E initiatives.
  • What distinguishes us? We need to focus more work on a clearer message about our identity. We need to better define and communicate—simplify. Is it our entrepreneurial culture? Entrepreneurial faculty?
  • How we plan/process some of these big ideas like the future of our residential campus will be just as important as implementing the idea.
  • Facilities—Need to better utilize space (SU Basement/Racquetball Court as examples) AND we need a campus entry.
  • Technology is an important part of the liberal arts.
  • Internships are key to our academic areas and a distinguishing factor.