Goal: Review from the last discussion about “entrepreneurial faculty;” update on Listing 1.0 meeting themes and listen for feedback

  • Concerns about debt and how we manage it given our $1B endowment goal
  • Little things related to facilities need attention—technology (computers and printers); dorms
  • How do we get our students out into the world; particularly for international experiences
  • We need to ask students what they want—what are their ambitions when they graduate and are we meeting their expectations
  • Should we consider the following as we consider increasing quality to grow academic programs: Honors programs, double majors, Interdisciplinary Majors; MFA and entrepreneurship major—more discussion on those topics
  • Develop program the meets advisees where they want to go; plan that looks beyond four years to career and life goals to better ensure they are in the correct field of study—it would require more faculty time with students
  • Need to better understand the market and our current students—how they use debt; who pays and how much; how they pay—credit, work, parents; higher education as a public good vs. private good; how to serve first generation students; who is our target and how do we serve them
  • Working across disciplines is powerful tool to enhance programs for students