GOAL: Review the draft 2.0 documents and provide feedback to build a more complete listing of initiatives.

  • Concerned with campus entrance and the open space; Open space is a detriment and needs immediate attention
  • How we use space is important as well as how it looks; Use space for student labs/studios; more than just a student center; Consider a beautification committee that considers aesthetics and brand; Could we incorporate art into campus by funding an endowed collection?; design spaces after the community identity is articulated; could we incorporate more of the McPherson Community into our student center? Could we have an immediate smaller scale welcome center at the entry?
  • Need to give students better reasons to want to live on campus
  • Interest in strategic planning process for departments; Team up with other departments
  • Pay special attention to our virtual spaces—academic areas
  • What are the priorities of the focal points? Is that important?
  • Define our identity through our community by design—we need a word or a phrase to define us. Community is what we do well. How do we communicate that? What can we do special to make us relevant in the changing higher education landscape? How can you make programs unique? How MC connects with one another?
  • Is the role of a faculty member changing? Everyone must be a great teacher. All parts are important and every department will need something different when it comes to skill sets. Finding a model that balances needs for building academic programs will be important
  • Students are perceptive to college’s that are moving forward in a good way