Goal: Start to identify key strategies within the four focal areas

  • Important to lift up other programs that are not as visible and look for opportunities where there is low investment and high visibility. Would there be a cluster of minors or emphasis in different departments that would improve our current majors
  • Is there a way to grow international students/recruit general students while at the same time satisfying our current students’ interest in studying aboard—could this all be connected to the faculty’s idea of a theme? Must have infrastructure ready for international students. Social justice minor would appeal to international students
  • Interdisciplinary majors within auto restoration—find ways to build programs off of the current major
  • The new strategic plan should be accompanied by a new marketing plan that will articulate the message
  • We need to market to our current students—Tuition Stop Days, how we fund their education, retention
  • If we have a 1B endowment will people stop giving
  • Make a commitment to keep our young alumni connected; Giving as part of our culture for young alumni; Take students on campaign meetings (cycle of giving); Build a habit of giving
  • All academic programs should have the opportunity to develop a strategic plan
  • Awards (scholarships) for students that are doing well—little amounts go a long way to saying “thanks.”; Build a system for faculty/staff recommend students to help students in financial distress