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Adam Pracht
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Some possible thoughts on solutions:
-Could we arrange some kind of extended arrangement with the Church of the Brethren to make reserving meeting space there easier?
-Could the “Makerspace” in the library help to meet some of these needs?
-We have 2 meeting rooms in Beeghly (although they would probably be tight for up to 50, they could handle meetings of smaller size).
-From time to time the Spectator newsroom could be used for meetings. It’s not often in use, but it also has a separate keyed lock that few have the key to.
-Would the basement space in Melhorn help to meet these needs?

I have a feeling (which may be wrong…) that there are a number of possible spaces going unused that could help meet these needs. I wonder if the solution in general might not be so much new spaces, as it may be: 1) renovation/improvement of existing spaces and 2) Creating some sort of centralized process for room reservation.

Hope these thoughts are helpful.