Goal: Share expectations for the next strategic plan and strategic planning process as well as listen for ideas/feedback on areas of focus.

  • Do we lose anything if we have a 1B endowment? Important to communicate and explain why we still would need small gifts and broad based support. Keep explaining how a large endowment can impact students.
  • Living in community will need to be redefined. The discussion around residential life is important.
  • We need to continue to pay attention to our campus entry.
  • What does online mean for a liberal arts college? Ignoring the future will be a big mistake.
  • Retention is as big a factor in growth as recruiting.
  • Can we learn anything from Central Christian College? How do we build relationships with the community so they will support our growth?
  • Work to encourage alumni to get students to campus.
  • Our alumni would provide lots of support for growing our international population.
  • Lots of interest in the alumni board having the opportunity to engage throughout the process.